Product Review: Cliniques Anti-Blemish Solutions 3-step system

5 years ago

I have been a longtime fan of Cliniques products, both make-up and skin care. My favorites have included their mascaras, lipsticks and moisturizers. Thus, when shopping in Paris I decided to buy products from their Anti-Blemish skin care line.

I bought Cliniques Anti-Blemish Solutions 3-step system from Sephora in my Paris trip. It has three products cleansing foam (50ml), clarifying lotion (100ml) and oil-free clearing moisturizer (30ml). Based on the type and appearance of products included in the set, I assume it is the same set as Acne Solutions Clear Skin System Kit. The price for the Acne Solutions Clear Skin System Kit is about 34 US dollars.

I have been using this skin care set from the beginning of last week following the instructions in the product package. I have cleansed and moisturized my face two times a day, when I wake up and before I go to sleep. During this time, my skin has become a bit better. However, this might not be only due to this product, since earlier I was not quite so consistent on cleansing my face two times a day and my face was in worse shape after Paris than it is normally.

The cleansing foam comes in a handy pump bottle and the foam itself is very good consistency, but a bit too watery for my preference. I really like how my skin feels after cleansing it with the foam. It leaves my skin feeling clean, smooth and soft without being too rough for the skin.

The clarifying lotion comes in a regular bottle with a big opening, so you need to be careful when using it. The lotion has some white powder that gathers at the bottom of the bottle, so it needs to be shaken every time before use. The lotion has a strong alcohol smell which goes away fast when using the product. In the package, it says that the lotion is non-drying. I have not noticed my skin getting too much dry after using this, but my skin has never really suffered from dryness anyway.

The moisturizer seems fairly lightweight, although not quite as lightweight as my all-time favorite Cliniques Moisture Surge. This moisturizer does not leave my skin feeling too greasy. I generally do not like using moisturizer in the morning, since it seemed to make my skin oilier during day. After using this product I have not had this problem (at least not quite so bad).

After a week, my skin seems a bit better than before, although it might not be all due to this product. Now I have new pimples and my skin doesnt seem quite so oily as before using this product. I will post a new skin update, when I have been using this product for longer. Overall, I would say this product is fairly good since it seems to help at least to some degree. However, its not really an all-in-one set, since you still need to use a good facial scrub alongside these products.

What skin care products you use? What type of skin do you have?

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