Product Review: Bellaboo All That Clean Skin Facial Wash

4 years ago

So I got a full sized set of this a little while back in a Sears clearance haul and after trying it a few times I thought Id share with you what I think about this cleanser.

Hey boos, clean skin is the first step to lush skin. This facial wash is All That! It cleans gently and deeply to get rid of makeup, dirt and draw out impurities, at the same time regulating oil production to achieve gorgeous, glowing, healthy skin.

-applies as a clear gel
-a little goes a long way you only need a dime size for your entire face
-practically glides on
-only suds up if youre using it in the shower and even then its only a little bit meaning there are no added sulfates
-no parabens
-all natural ingredients
-no added color or fragrance
-animal cruelty free
-cute packaging
-great for all skin types: I recommend even those with sensitive skin to use
-leaves skin feeling a little softer

-If youre the type that likes cleansers that suds up/ bubbles this is not for you
-I dont think this will help if you have acnes I recommend it for those that have very mild acne or those who just want something to clean their skin with
-even though there are no added fragrances it has a very plant-like scent because of all of the plant extracts
-hard to find unless you have an Ulta (maybe you can find it at Sears)
-the product is very runny so you have to be careful when you take some out

Amount of Product: 150ml
Price: $12.99

Overall: B+
I like the way it makes my skin feel soft, that it glides on smoothly, and that a little goes a long way. The scent although naturally made from the plant extracts is rather strong although it does diffuse out within 5 minutes. I have to be careful when taking out the product because it is on the runny side. Lastly I have acne prone skin so this doesnt help with that it really is just a facial wash after all.

Would I repurchase this?
Maybe when Im older and no longer have acne prone skin because this is pretty hydrating. And I feel it does get rid of/maintain against dirt/ blackheads build up.

Does anyone have a good acne cleanser they can recommend for oily/combination/sensitive skin?

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