Product of the month- Scar treatment :)

So my product of the month has got to be these 3 Products, They have not only been this months favorite in fact I have loved these products since I have been using them. I am going away on holiday this summer with my BF and I hated the fact that I have tons of scars on my legs and arms just the silly old me scratching all the time and causing myself injury all over, my skin is so sensitive that even one scratch could turn into a scar probably because I tend to scratch really hard lol, blame myself for that. So I have been doing tons of research on how to treat scars quickly and what I mean quickly is about 2-3 months from now since I really really need to get rid of these scars soon as I can`t wear any shorts or skirts so I did my research and found a few products which can help not clear scars straight away but almost fade them slowly. So I am rather a patient person so these products were of good use to me anyway.

I have seen tons and tons of products online but some I can`t even afford for example the *Maderma scar removal cream* Although I was told this is really fast and very effective which I could do with right now but it is slightly on the top of my budget so I just decided to just find the cheaper more effective products I could find. Did few research and found 3 products which were most talked about so I decided to go to 2 of my local drugs store and picked up a few of the items. So here are few of the products I picked and which stores I got it from:

1) Palmer`s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E- Smooths marks and softens skin- £3.77 @ Boots Store-UK

2) Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Lotion-With Shea butter & Vitamin E- 0.99p @ Body care- UK

3) Bio Oil-60ml- £8.99 @ Boots Store-UK

So I picked these 3 products and use them nearly every night and after shower to absorb on my skin quicker. I also combine them all together*hence why my bio oil is nearly done lol* which I think makes it work alot quicker. So this is defo my Favorite product so far.

*Photos are mine*

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