Product of the Day: Clinique Brush Cleanser

4 years ago

I wanted to do a "product of the day" post about the Clinique Brush Cleanser. In the past I have shown the different types of makeup brushes that I use on a daily basis. The brushes that I use are made with real goat and horse hair as well as some synthetic hair. There is an antibacterial coating on the brushes to prevent them from molding. It is important to clean them properly.

I usually do a "light" cleaning on a daily basis. I will take a paper towel and spray maybe 3-4 times on the towel and rub the brush over the spray. I can see the product coming off onto the paper towel.

About once every 2-3 weeks I will do a "deep" clean. I run some luke warm water and lather the brush down with the cleanser then slowly massage the makeup out of the brush under the running water.

Always be sure to lay the brush down to dry. Standing it up can cause the water to drip down into the wooden part of the brush and mold. Defeating the purpose of properly washing the brushes! It cost only about 15 dollars and will last several months!

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