Product I Regret Buying: NYC Lip Sliders Tinted Lip Balm

4 years ago

If you have read my previous post about my top 3 lip balms, then you should know much I love lip balms and the amount I go through over the years. I first heard of this from beauty bloggers on Youtube because many of them had great things to say about this product. Sadly, this product was a miss for me. I bought the lip slider in Sugar Kiss, which is a nice baby pink in its package but when applied, it`s almost translucent. You can build up the colour but then it just feels super thick and heavy on your lips. There are 3 things that I disliked most about this balm:

1. It`s very sticky!
This lip balm is sooo sticky! It seriously feels stickier than lip glosses (the horrible ones) and the balm itself is very thick i thought. Even when I dip my fingers in to apply it on my lips, my fingers feel very sticky afterwards.

2. The smell is very artificial and becomes overwhelming after a while.
It`s a nice scent but at first sniff, you can really smell the artificial-ness. When i first applied it, it actually smelled kind of nice but after 30 minutes, the scent really gets to me. It`s a strong scent too and for those of you who are sensitive to strong scents, I would definitely not recommend this!

3. I don`t find it moisturizing at all.
To me, it just feels sticky and doesn`t help with dry chapped lips. It doesn`t absorb into my lips either, I`ve gave it a good 3 tries and each time, it just sat there on my lips.

With the negative things set a side, there are 2 good things that I liked about this balm. I thought the packaging is pretty unique, it just slides open and closed. The purple tin can is also very cute in my opinion. The price is very affordable too, I think I got it for $1 at Walmart? Overall, I thought it was a pretty bad product and I don`t recommend it but I know quite a few people who said great things about it. For the low price, it doesn`t hurt to give it a try (:


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