Product Fail: MAC quotHuequot Lipstick

4 years ago

Yesterday when I was doing my makeup, I decided to use one of my MAC lipsticks that I haven`t touched in a while, the one I picked being "Hue". I never apply my lipsticks with that much pressure and I also never have them twisted all the way up. But for some reason as I was applying it, the lipstick just broke off and fell on the floor! SERIOUSLY? This isn`t even half gone AND it was my first MAC product, so I felt obligated to keep it. Plus it was $15, there`s not a chance in hell I was just going to throw it away. So what did I do? Picked it up and spent 10 minutes with tweezers picking carpet fibers out of it, and I smooshed it back down into the tube. I thought about de-potting it, but honestly I would really never touch it if it wasn`t in stick form. I know the fact that I picked it up off the floor and still used it might gross, well, ALL of you out, but that kind of stuff really doesn`t bother me at the slightest. But anyway, I still have no idea how or why it broke but I am NOT happy. However, this lipstick was always a little lopsided, so I`m just going to blame MAC for this - like seriously, my drugstore lippies don`t even break! -_-
Has this ever happened to you? xox

*Photo is MINE.

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