Product Conclusion: Biore Steam Activated Cleanser

5 years ago

This cleanser took me a little over a year to finish up! It definitely made me realize I need to stop hauling so many lotions and cleansers, considering how long it takes for me to actually finish them. This is another product conclusion review, I got the idea off BeautySavvy on Youtube (She`s a really funny girl, definitely check her out!). It makes a lot of sense to give your subscribers a little update once you`ve completely finished a product because often times our opinions on products do change after more use and after we try products similar to it.


When I first used this, I felt that it was doing a great job in cleaning my skin, but it wasn`t until I temporarily stopped using it and switched to Neutrogena`s Grapefruit scrub that I realized this product wasn`t really cleaning my skin as well as I thought. After I switched to the Grapefruit scrub, I noticed my skin just looked a lot brighter and it felt cleaner. It`s hard to explain that feeling, but I noticed such a big difference in how my skin looked, that I realized that although this product felt great on the skin, it wasn`t actually doing a great job in cleansing.

<strong>FINAL THOUGHTS</strong>

When you wash your face with this in the shower, you get this really nice tingly, minty feeling, and that was probably what made me feel like it was doing something because it felt so nice! However, I have concluded that this is really just a "it feels good on my skin product", and other than that it doesn`t really do anything. I would never repurchase this and I would not recommend it, especially considering its $6-$7, and you could get a much nicer cleanser for that price! I wouldn`t say it`s a bad cleanser, it`s just that there are better cleansers in the same price range.

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