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4 years ago

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Hey everyone, I have been using Proactive for 10 months now and I thought this was the perfect time to do a review on the product. For those of you who are not familiar with Proactive, it is a dermatologically tested skin care routine that is supposed to help clear up problem acne.It comes with three items, a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer.

The cleanser is really great, I would use this after I would take my shower. What I like about it is that it makes your skin really soft after you rinse it off because it buffs away all of the dead skin cells and cleans your face. CONS: The product would clog the dispensing hole which made it really inconvenient especially when I was in a rush. Also, it does not remove makeup off of your face, so I felt like that`s something that should be improved upon.

A toner is a product that make your face maintain its natural PH. The way I applied this was just by placing some toner on a cotton ball and rubbing this all over my face, this is done after applying the cleanser. The smell is pretty strong and it really burns the eye area, so prevent getting this in or around your eye.

Lastly you apply the moisturizer, I think this product is great because it makes the skin really soft however, after a couple hours my skin felt oily.

Thoughts? I didn`t like this product, I felt like it was a waste of 35 dollars. When I started using this product I began breaking out really really bad. I continued to use the product because I was told that it has clear whats in your pores out, so thats why I was breaking out. After 5 months of break outs I made the decision to continue using the product until it ran out so it would not be a complete waste and give me more time to aquire feedback on the product. 10 months later and its all gone, and gosh I am so glad. I switched to using just an antibacterial soap and makeup removing wipes and my skin is finally starting to clear up. My recommendation would be skip Proactive. I know every ones skins different, but Clearasil and Neutrogena both have really great skin care routine packages for cheaper and that work wayyyy better.
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