I have seen a couple reviews about pro-active and frankly i was shocked.....I am not saying people are not being forthcoming but I think i could shed some light on the reasons some people are not getting good results:
1.You must have all the necessary products,not just the 1-2-3 part but also extra steps before and after the recommended steps
2.You must be consistent; we don`t all have the same skin type and so we cannot all use the same routine... So try the recommended routine and you start to break out then that tell you you need to cut the routine frequency in half....and so on
3.Less is More: don`t overuse the product, you might think if you use more you will get better results faster....thats just not the case. you might over expose your skin and cause it to dry out etc.
4.NIGHTLY ROUTINE VS DAILY ROUTINE: you must figure out which time of the day or night fits with your routine. if you are in the sun all day and wear a lot of makeup, you must follow the instruction on what items to not use if you plan on being in the sun a lot. All of this comes into play when you are looking for results
5. PRIMER (optional): I use the word optional because this is for those who wear makeup after their routine; you must use a primer so the makeup doesn`t mix with your routine , you need this in order to keep the routine working with our interference from your makeup
STEP 1: DEEP CLEANSING WASH- I use this to clean my face first before beginning treatment. It has small beads that dissolve slowly as you wash. it smells really good and give a clean oil-free finish
STEP 2-3-4: these are the recommended steps and what you will get if you order a kit.It comes with RENEWING CLEANSER which i scrub into my face for about 60 seconds then rinse with luke warn water...Then i continue with the REVITALIZING TONER- I use my fingertips to put all over my face with a wet finish which will dry rather quickly maybe 30 seconds..After it is completely dry I use just enough on you index fingertip and massage all over you face.
STEP 5: OIL FREE MOISTURE- I love this step , this is a milky substance that hydrates your sin without added oil. I live in the desert where it is hot so i know i need this because i will be in the sun all day going from class to class...Its also great if you have acne problems or if you break out around you cycle....
STEP 6:DAILY OIL can do steps 5 and 6 in any order. i choose this order because its a gel-like substance and it lightens up the looks from the milky cream in step five, also it provides additional blemish control
FINAL STEP: GREEN TEA MOISTURIZER: You are suppose to wear it over the repairing treatment but i find that it works better as a final step because sometimes, not often, i get dryness on the corner of my nose and between my brows after a lip or brow wax and this is great to use to prevent any dryness or redness.

After my routine is complete its time for PRIMING and makeup.
I do this routine every morning before school but when i come home at night i only use

I hope you found this information a bit kore informative as to help you understand that sometimes its not the products that break you out but its your routine...You must find the routine that works for you, Change it up a bit and if and having trouble read the pamphlets they send you, they have all the little neat tricks to help you get the best out of your product

I am not getting any payment for this review, these are my own photos and words.....Hope you Enjoy!!!!!!

I apologize some of my product are a few weeks old

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