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5 years ago

These pictures are my own! hello luuuxers! Got acne? i do. and im not ashame of them..but sometimes, they do bring my self-confidence level down. which totally sux. but nywho. all my 19 years of life, i was prone to acne and its been a major problem for me. well. honestly they arent that bad. its not too major. probably like five pimples on my face only. but yes. they are truly annoying. ive used all kinds of drug store products, thai products, laos and korean acne products that never seem to work. and so my dad was like. o u should give proactive a try. well technically i ordered it for my brother since he has worster acne than me. but i use it nyway since its my money im wasting. this is my first time getting this so i dont really know what to expect. ive already gotten my 30 day trial and this picture above is the 90 day set. im hoping this thing works..and if it doesnt ill be super disappointed. yes i know products works on diff skin but yes. im still hoping it works. so. whats included?
-1. renewing cleanser
-2, revitalizing toner
-3. reparing treatment
-4. a special gift: deep cleansing wash

so. my question is..what have u used for the ur acne? have u used proactive before? did it work for u? did it make ur skin dry? let me know!

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