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Hey everyone! I am so excited to say that I finally got invited to a food campaign from BzzAgent. If you didn`t know already, I am a BzzAgent and I do get products or coupons to redeem and review for free. As much as I love getting makeup and skincare to try, I do love food as well. LOL This BzzCampaign was about the Private Selection line. I had never actually heard of this line before but it is sold exclusively at certain grocery stores like Krogers and Ralphs. I do have to say that I really like their packaging with the Private Selection black label on all of their products. WHAT IT IS (taken from the BzzAgent brochure): Whether you`re hosting a traditional cookout or undertaking something a little more ambitious this summer, execute it to perfection with Private Selection. Bring the vibrancy of summer to your plate with a wide range of artisan inspired products from Selection to help you create your ideal seasonal menu. With an unwavering commitment to gourmet craftsmanship, Private Selection uses only the finest and freshest ingredients, ensuring you an unparalleled culinary experience. Developed over years by artisans who hone their craft to perfection, every product brings a bold taste to your table. The results include specialty cheeses, artisans bread, gourmet desserts and premium Angus beef. WHERE: Private Selection is available exclusively at Kroger family of stores. To see if any of your stores carry the Private Selection line, you can visit the website by clicking here: THOUGHTS: First off, I just have to say that even though your store might have the Private Selection line sold there, they still might not carry everything. I went to my local Ralphs store and couldn`t find some of the products that I had gotten coupons for like the Private Selection Preserves, which was one of the items that I was really excited to try out. I will definitely make sure to check out other Kroger stores in my area so I could redeem it before my coupon expires. I was only able to get a couple of items: Private Selection Artisan Bread Rustic Toasted Sesame Loaf ($3.99) Private Selection Medium Amber Maple Syrup ($7.99) Private Selection Cracked Peppercorn Seasoning Rub ($3.99) Private Selection Panko Bread Crumbs Japanese Style ($3.99) My Ralphs store didn`t really have much of a selection to choose from. I do have to say that some of the products are a bit pricier than what I would usually spend on a certain item. For instance, the Private Selection Medium Amber Maple Syrup was $7.99 but I can understand the price for it since it is 100% pure maple syrup. I never actually had pure maple syrup before and let me just say, that its pretty good. I feel much better about putting this syrup on waffles and pancakes for my family since it doesn`t contain any preservatives, food coloring, and so on. If you love putting syrup on your pancakes, waffles, and French toast but don`t want that super sweet taste, you should definitely give this one a try! For the Private Selection Artisan Bread, my store only had two selections to choose from. They only had the Rustic Toasted Sesame Loaf and the Whole Clove Garlic Petite Loaf. As you can see, I got the Toasted Sesame one. I actually thought that there was only going to be sesame seeds on the outside of the loaf but its actually mixed into the dough as well. If you are a fan of sesame seeds, you will definitely love eating this loaf. My family actually loved the taste of it. We ate some of it plain and the other half as garlic butter bread. It was delicious both ways. I definitely see myself purchasing this again. For the Private Selection Cracked Peppercorn Seasoning Rub, there were a couple of choose from. I didn`t know which one I wanted but I just picked one up that I figured that I would use more often. My Ralphs store had Sweet & Spicy, Citrus & Savory, Kicked Up Poultry, and this Cracked Peppercorn rub. I have tried this actually in soups and as a marinade for my meats. Its actually pretty good but I do wish that I had chosen another one since this one was just sea salt, black pepper, and garlic, which is something that I could easily create myself. For the Private Selection Panko Bread Crumbs Japanese Style, I got this because I love eating fried shrimp. Plus I knew that this was prefect for breaded chicken as well. So far, I have used these panko bread crumbs for both shrimp and chicken and it was pretty good. I do recommend that you have to add other seasoning as well since the bread crumbs don`t have any flavor at all. I just added garlic salt and mixed it with the panko bread crumbs and my chicken and shrimp turned out delicious! All-in-all, I can`t wait to check out the other items that Private Selection has to offer. I will definitely be looking for their preservatives! I still have some of the ingredients left and I can`t wait to see what other creations that I can come up with using them. I am so excited that Private Selection has a website where you can submit your recipes as well as check out other peoples` recipes. You can check out to see all the creations using products from the Private Selections line. If you are a foodie who loves cooking food using fresh ingredients, you should definitely check out the Private Selections line, you will be surprised with all the items that the line has.
QUESTIONS: Have you ever tried anything from the Private Selections line before?
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**All products featured were redeemed for free with coupons from BzzAgent. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my honest thoughts. All written content and pictures belong to me, unless otherwise stated. Please do not use or steal for any reason.**

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