Pripyat: a ghost town...

4 years ago

Hey there Luuuxers!

I wanted to show you something a little different from the happy and bubbly posts I normally do. I have a sensitive side, and I feel really sad when I hear about Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

This post is dedicated of all the people who lost everything in the Chernobyl nuclear disaster...

Pripyat is a ghost town in Ukraine. It used to be here where the workers of the nuclear plant lived. After the disaster everything was abandoned of course, but still after that many people died by radiation poisoning. I uploaded some pictures from the site in the source link. If you want to see more and know more, click there and you`ll find lots of things related to that.
The picture that strikes me the most is the last one in my post, the one with the gas masks. I feel awful by all victims. Hopefully one day in the near future things could be has they were before, but I highly doubt that, the radiation level is still really strong.

Please take a little time to see the website. It`s really shocking but you can learn a lot.
I`d love to visit this place. People can only be there for a short period of time because of the high radiation levels, but I would still go, I think it would make me grow as an individual.

If you ever been to any city affected by the nuclear disaster please let me know.

Kisses and chocolates
Rita .

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