Printed Sensors Could Help Save You From Spoiled Food

5 years ago

Printed Sensors Could Help Save You From Spoiled Food

Hi Luuuxers,

This concept its not new, but its becoming more practicable! Starting with the doubt when you buy for instance a pack of frozen meat.
Has this been frozen the whole time? How many times did it thaw and re-freeze?
How knows? Now you will be abel to know. A partnership between PST Sensor, Thinfilm will produce a printed temperature sensor wich records the temperature changes wich a products has been submited to.

There are similar products in use such as color change strips wich chnges colour when the product starts to spoil, but those dont retain any data. So if the product looks ok and the strip its fine, it doesnt mean that it wasnt frozen and re-frozen several times.
This new sensor should be able to last for six months or more, recording data.
This organic circuits are inexpensive, flexible, and generally disposable, the price its estimated around 30 cents and will be available in 2013.

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