Pringles Xtreme Dill Pickle Chips

5 years ago

My boyfriend snagged these while we were in Walmart because he wanted to try them. Ive had pickle chips in the past and have found I enjoy them, but it really depends on the brand. Some are just plain ole disgusting, while others are tart but enjoyable. I will say this brand by Pringles is well in between those two categories if that were at all possible. The moment the chip touched my tongue I got that instant puckering sensation that sends that tingly sensation all throughout your jaw. You want to eat another one to see if that puckering sensation will subside. Theyre not bad, but theyre not what you would envision a pickle chip tasting like. Theyre not salty or vinegary enough; theyre more pungent than anything else. I guess you could say the pungent taste can be considered a sour taste. Id compare it to the crazy, jaw clenching sensation and taste you get when you bite into a big sour pickle. Overall, I most likely wont be eating anymore, Ill leave them for my boyfriend to eat them as he wishes. And if youre wondering, my boyfriend said theyre not bad but he was expecting saltier with more vinegar, but he doesnt mind them.

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