Pringles White Chocolate

2 years ago

One afternoon on a waltz through Target I decided to take a walk on the wild side and pick up a container of Pringles White Chocolate chips. After all they were 50% off due to a coupon on Targets Cartwheel app. So I figured I`d give them a shot and leave the rest out for my coworkers to give a taste test.

Initially I assumed the chips would be long tubes - meaning similar to what is shown on the outside packaging. But low and behold upon opening the canister I learned they are not shaped any differently than how your average Pringles are shaped. Trying the Pringles I wouldn`t say they were disgusting or out of this world fabulous. They were different and rather unique.

They`re your classic salty potato chip which has a slight hint of sweetness which resembles a white chocolate flavor. They`re not white chocolate covered potato chips by any shot ... but it sort of tastes like it. It`s not overwhelming or boom in your face, but it`s there. You kind of have to really get the chip onto your tongue to taste the flavor because quite honestly after a few you sort of lose the subtle sweetness and they just taste like plain ole potato chips.

A serving, 1 ounce, is 150 calories or 4 points plus values.

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