Princess Jasmine Headband Review

2 years ago

October is almost over.. can you believe it? It`s almost time for the holidays again.. I honestly feel like each year goes by faster and faster and since starting college, time has just flown by.
At the end of October, comes one of my favorite holidays.. Halloween! The past few years I opted not to dress up, but this year I have decided to dress up. I did a lot of thinking and decided that for this year, I would like to be Princess Jasmine! I have always wanted to be a Disney princess and Jasmine is my favorite princess so why not!

Just yesterday, I got this little headpiece in the mail. I ordered it off of Etsy and I am very pleased with my purchase. The headband came in under a week and it exactly what I expected. The quality of the piece is great and it resembles what Princess Jasmine wears quite closely. The headband is covered with a rich blue fabric and feels smooth on my hair. It doesn`t cause frizz (which I was afraid of) and it doesn`t tug at my hair at all. The jewel in the center looks exactly like Jasmine`s and is glued on very tightly. I have no fear of it falling off as I walk around. Another thing that I got with my order was a dark blue hairtie. I actually did not expect to get this hairtie, but I`m glad I did! It saves me the trouble of having to find a blue hairtie!

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Are you guys dressing up for Halloween?
Who is your favorite princess?

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