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Life as a gay teen is harder than you would expect. You have to deal with the jocks and others that are insecure with themselves. It is not fair that we are pushed, called names like Queer, Fag, etc. I bet they dont realize how much it hurts! Hundreds of people commit suicide because of these com- ments and rude gestures. Are they amused with seeing other people in pain? I would hope not but I would not know.
When you are first coming out it is hard to deal with. Some peo- ple say we choose to be gay but I disagree. We are born gay, it is not a choice. People say it is a choice so they can tell themselves that they can be straight or gay. It is a rough life style, but be proud of who you are. Dont be discouraged just because your gay.
People say dust it off or ignore what is being said. It is harder then it sounds. We hear things every minute of every hour of every day. I hear things being said about me probably up to ten times a day; so multiply that by 360 and that is about three thousand six hundred hurtful names being said year-round.
As I was coming out as gay, people already figured I was. That did not make it any easier, I was still frightened. I came out in middle school. As I came out people stopped liking me as a friend. Coming to high school I told myself people will be a little bit more mature. I thought wrong. When I got to Piedra Vista High I was thinking, finally I come to a school that will accept who I am. I was wrong again.
People in my fam- ily knew I was gay. My mother said she had known since I was two. I asked her how she knew, she said it was a mother thing. I was amazed.
Freshman year was the hardest year for me. I was hearing tons of names every day and it hurt. So I told myself to ignore them but that did not work. Next I thought I should con- front them, which only worked sometimes.
Sophomore year the namecalling went down but it still happened. So I stuck with my strategy and that did not work. Then I told myself what should I do now, get new friends or make friends with my enemies?
Now it is my Junior year. The namecalling went down a lot. I guess people started to be more mature, or they just found another person to be cruel to.
My favorite say- ing would be this one ;Whyisitthat,asa culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands? ~Ernest Gaines and also; Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind.-Dr. Seuss
Why would someone be so mean and rude to another that is not like them? There are many reasons. For example- the offenders might be being hurt at home, or theyre gay and dont want anyone to find out. I challenge everyone that has been rude to me and others to call themselves the names that they call us. Next time you want to say something, think about how the other per- son will feel.

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