Pricline Haul - what? 4th time this year? lol

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

So - once again, I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO BUY ANY MORE MAKE UP OR NAIL POLISHES =[ because i have more than i use and need. BUT... what`s stopping me? gosh lol

Well anyways, i only went into Priceline for one purpose, and it was to buy sally hansen`s nail growth polish, Because my son has been biting at his nails and i wanted to polish over it so it`ll grow quicker since the doctor told me NOT to put those anit nail biting serums on him becaue it`s highly damaging to his stomach when he does chew on his nails. =[

Anyways, failure on my part, i saw that sally hansen was having $3 off their whole range, which really isn`t much when i`m paying $20 per bottle right? BUUUTTT.. their remover (which is the one that i`m currently using anyways) was $6 or so, that means, minus $3 makes it half price. I wanted to grab two bottles then my husband`s like CALM DOWN.. they always have $3 off sally`s, it`s not much of a sale.. and i`m like TRUE THAT.

I turn around to pay, and i saw the loreal studio secret`s line right in front of me, sigh, i could never afford this line because their foundation itself was $30 already, so i never really even researched into their products.

THERE IT WAS - their foundation on clearance for on ly $7. I had to have it. There were only a few shades left and all being too dark or too light, i got the one closest to my skin tone but slightly lighter. only because i knew i could fix it up with a bit of bronzer, or well...winter is coming and i get very pale anyways.

So that`s it.. i`m a hoarder. i buy things i don`t need and i keep it there without using it because i still have so much i haven`t opened and used yet. yeap - i have issues.

lol but that`s ok, because a lot of ppl on luuux makes me feel better again konwing that they buy like crazy too lol

Thanks for dropping by, all photos are mine, please don`t steal

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