Preventing Summertime `Chub Rub` - Body Glide Review

2 years ago

Body Glide Review

Hey Luuuxers,

I wanted to share with you all my new favourite product for the summertime.

This may seem like a strange choice, but this little stick has been an amazing tool in helping me wear my summer shorts and dresses.

As a curvier woman, I have often fallen victim to `Chub rub` during the summer months. While curvier women usually experience this more often, I know lots of women who experience chaffing and rubbing between their thighs especially during the summer months! Basically when we are wearing our skirts or short-shorts, the skin on our thigh rubs together when we walk which can be very irritating. I usually just get some redness, but I have had even much less curvy friends experience broken skin and extreme irritation after a night out wearing that tight skirt.

The simple solution to this is to wear some tight shorts or spanx underneath your skirt, but the problem with this in the summer, is that it gets very hot. The whole point of wearing that maxi dress is to stay cool and breezy. Also, it`s not really an option to wear your long spanx underneath your short-shorts!

I recently heard about this product on a blog. It`s called Bodyglide, and it actually meant for runners and athletes who experience the same rubbing from running.
This products can be applied to almost any part of the body, including feet, legs and torso to prevent chaffing and blisters.

I have tried similar products for blisters on my feet before, and they can be miracle workers.

BodyGlide works similarly and leaves no visible residue. I have tried using just regular deodorant and baby powder before, but they always leave white residue and don`t seem to work nearly as well.

This looks like a deodorant stick, but leaves no white residue. It is almost like a dry lubricant. It doesn`t feel oily, but it leaves the skin feeling a little slick, which helps reduce friction.

When I went to buy this, they had a women`s version and a men`s version. The men`s version was cheaper by weight, and the list of ingredients was nearly identical, except the women`s product had a red dye to make it pink. The products don`t have any scent, so besides packaging and colour, there is little difference between them.

I have used this a few times now, and even after a whole day in my maxi dress, I experienced no redness. The ultimate test for me was at a wedding this past weekend. I was able to go the entire day, and we`ll into the evening dancing up a storm without any effects of chub rub!

I have a feeling this is going to last me a while, but it will be a definite repurchase for me.

FYI- I found mine at the Running Room, but you can also find it online if you are interested in trying it out. There are also other products meant for this, but this is the first one I have tried. Have you ever tried an products like this one which one is your favourite?


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