Prevent Muscle Soreness

4 years ago

One of the worst things after working out is muscle soreness. I rarely feel sore after work outs unless I take a break from them and when relatives came into the city and visited boy I fell off the wagon and didn`t work out for 2 weeks but when I got back on the work out wagon I felt it in my arms and my legs pretty bad after a few runs and high intensity interval work outs.

To not feel the bad burn you should:

1. Progress slowly in intensity and time - use the 10 percent rule and build up intensity and time no more than 10 percent a week. This works since I have used it for running.
2. Do warm up and cool down stretches
3. If you are listing weights start with light weights and do high sets and build up to tone, but if you want to bulk up your goal should be heavy weights with fewer sets
4. Staying hydrated will help "dilute" the amount of lactic acid in your muscles as it builds up in your muscles once energy stores are depleted but is water soluble so drink up!

Relatives destroyed 2 weeks of training for me and me and the man were only able to get one pathetic 40 minute run in together outdoors during the last two weeks which is why I went all hardcore starting Saturday when they left Friday with an hour and a half of running and then did kettlebells and weights the day after and I couldn`t feel my arms when I woke up on Monday lol. I do 1, 3 & $ 4 I can`t say anything about stretching as I am not a stretching type of person.

Do you get muscle soreness after work outs?
What do you do to prevent it or treat it?

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