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hen the hair forming insists on embarrassing us difficult to remove, it is time to undo the plot to regain soltinhos wires and bright. Understand why wires tangle and check out tips

You`re feeling it more difficult to comb my hair because it is always awkward? Realize that the brush wraps each attempt? Know that the formation of us has to do with how you treat your hair. The hair is often embarrassed when he attacked, either by chemical or by physical causes. "The ressecamentoprovocado by sunlight, wind, sea water and the pool, and this pollution in large cities, chemical attack, such as coloring, straightening, bleaching, brushes progressive, are responsible for the inconvenience," says Guilherme Guedes, hairstylist Ophicina Hair Salon (RJ).

On a daily basis, you can incorporate positive actions and leave behind harmful habits. Follow the tips from the experts:

1. Comb your hair is still dry, even before entering the bath.

2. "Give preference to shampoos, conditioners and finishers suitable for every type of yarn," advises the doctor Francis Le Voci.

3. Keep hair hydrated always. "So soft, they will be disciplined and alignment will be better without the risk of us," says Marta Camel.

4. "Use products with formulations containing lipids such as ceramides and vegetable oils, they help to lubricate the cuticle, providing more loose wires," explains Marta Camel hair therapist.

5. Start any type of hair styling tips for climbing until you reach the root.

6. Brush hairs two to three times a day using a soft brush.

7. Make a good home maintenance using shampoo, conditioner, moisturizing masks and finishers and perform appropriate treatments deeper into the hall.

8. "Look for the wires always rinse with cold water, which facilitates the closure of the cuticle," Luciano teaches Barsanti.

9. "Comb wet hair with wide combs. Once dry, use a paddle brush," warns William Guedes.

10. "Use products termoativados to create a protection against the heat of the dryer and flat iron. When using the dryer, give preference to devices with ions and do not touch the nozzle head, keep a distance of 30 cm of the wire," advises dermatologist Luciano Barsanti.

Chemical causes the hair who tangle

- Use of inappropriate shampoo much detergent, dye, an alkaline pH (above 6.5) and salt in the formula.

- Practice common dyes in a range less than 30 days.

- Output smoothing consecutively (within less than 90 days between application and another).

- Chemical procedures Adopting the same time as relaxation and color, for example.

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