Prevent bubbles in nail polish.

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Hello Luuuxers,
Here are a few tips:

Clean your nails before you polish. Sometimes oil or unseen dirt may react with chemicals already in nail polish. This can affect how the polish dries, which is important in having nail polish that doesn`t bubble.
Roll, don`t shake, the nail polish bottle between your hands to mix the polish before you begin painting your nails. The action of shaking the bottle causes air already in the bottle to separate into many air bubbles. So instead of shaking, turn the bottle upside-down and roll the bottle between your hands.
Apply your nail polish in thin coats. Another culprit of bubbles forming is nail polish applied in thick coats. When you apply your second coat of nail polish while the first coat of nail polish is drying, the second coat will dry faster because it is exposed to air, but because the first coat is underneath the second coat, that first coat dries slower. As nail polish dries, it emits vapors, but because the first coating is trapped underneath the dry second layer, the vapor has no way to escape, so it forms a bubble underneath the dry second layer. If you apply your coats in thin coats, both coats are thin enough that they can dry at the same time. If your nail polish is thick, add a wee bit of nail polish remover to the polish and roll the bottle to mix it up.
Make sure the room you paint your nails isn`t hot or humid. Strange but true, a hot room can cause your nail polish to bubble up. Also stay away from fans, air conditioners, and drafts when you paint your nails.
Keep these tips in mind when you do your nails and you`re sure to be bubble-free.

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