Pretty Multicoloured Hair!

5 years ago

Hello Ladies!

Something that has been trending right now is multi coloured hair! (refer to above pictures for what I mean) This hair looks absolutely gorgeous in a fishtail braid, as well as down all beachy and such :)

So, this is how you do it...

Products that I used:
- Clairol Creme Colour Permanence, Soy4Plex in the lightest shade.
- Different coloured dyes, I used a brand called icecream that you can buy in any shoppers drug mart
- and tin foil

Steps: Here Comes the Fun Part!

1. Alright, you sit down in front of a mirror and section off your hair. To do this, sit down and pull out the pieces that you want to dye; these should be pieces at all sections of your hair.
2. The pieces that youve chosen, wrap in a tiny elastic band about an 3 inches away from the bottom of the shaft.
3. Pin up the rest of your hair, or get it out of the way however you seem fit... I used banana clips
4. Grab a 4x4inch piece of tin foil and hold it under the tip of hair youve sectioned off and rub on the bleach hair dye. Fold up and let it go. (fold it really well, you might even want to put an elastic around the foil too)
5. Repeat for all of the ends you`ve decided to dye
6. Let stand for 15 - 20 minutes (depending on your hair and colour you are bleaching it too)
7. Wash out, Blow dry.
8. Elastic the same ends about a centimeter below the dye line
9. Rub in the coloured dye you like, and tin foil closed.
10. Repeat with multiple colours and let stand for no more than 15 minutes (the longer you wait the darker the colour)
11. Rinse out, VOILA.

Also, throughout here I say bleach... but it isn`t really a bleach, it is just a light coloured dye. I say this because if you`ve brunette hair, bleach will turn the tips orange, and no one wants that.

Really pretty, really in... Try it out and let me know how it works for you!

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