Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Shocker Review

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I always enjoy everything beauty or fashion related, but there can be nothing better than a good movie or TV show. So, this time I`m reviewing the shocking summer finale of pretty little liars.

*SPOILER ALERT* (If you still haven`t seen the episode I suggest you to not read any further unless you are not planning in watching it)

The final episode summer episode is called `Taking This One to the Grave` and it pretty much suggests what`s going to happen soon. There`s a lot of action going on from the start till the end of it and pretty sure true PLL fans would truly enjoy watching it.

New things and shockers:

The episode starts in the crime seen with three of the liars standing totally shocked near someones house. When the plot returns to 36 hour time before the accident took place and we get to know what has actually happened during that time.
Somehow I wasn`t really surprised by the scene, because we have seen it in this show at least a thousand times. The scene pretty much indicates that someone again has died. The only question mark which is left for us. Who is it? This was the first of the two questions I was trying to figure out during the episode. The second one was leaning towards who is arrested? Actually one thought has been circling around my head. Maybe, Alison told the policeman that happened in New York and that Aria was responsible for Shana`s death. And maybe something happened for Spencer because she wasn`t around the girls. I`m saying something because it is not like writers would just kill of one of the main characters. However, I was totally wrong with as we know now Spencer being arrested and Mona killed because she was too big of a threat. And that`s a pity because she has so much grown as a positive character during this episode and no longer seemed like a person which pisses you of every time she opens her mouth.

What we know for now:

Girls will probably feel sure that Alison is really A. I think they will try to fight back and find as much Ally`s dirty secrets as they can and maybe use them against her. For sure Alison is no longer a positive character and hasn`t changed a bit. Although, it would be one of the most reasonable explanation to the whole series I`m not so sure if she`s A for real. At least she wasn`t the one who killed Mona. That girl`s hair is blond but shoulder length, while Alison has indeed a lot longer hair. And I`m sure that Mona is not coming back this time. Unlike Alison she`s dead for real.


Will Alison start attacking girls without any cover?Will the truth about that happened in New York be uncovered? How Spencer is going to prove that she`s innocent? Who will take the blame for Mona`s death? What will happen with Melissa? Just because I mean she really killed the girl.

Hope to find some answers during another half of the season. And thanks for tuning in.

xo xo, I.

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