Pretty Little Liars season 3 premiere

Pretty Little Liars premiered today! I was pretty excited about it. I have a love/hate relationship with this show. I HATE that they said they would tell us who A is and then they came out with Mona. I know Mona is working with A, but she isn`t the only A. But I guess it wouldn`t be a show if we knew who all the A`s were. Anyways, I LOVED freaking Aria and Ezra when they were making out on the counter in his kitchen. And I can`t believe she told him about A! But I guess it`s better that they have no lies. And I`m very confused about the whole graveyard and Emily thing. And I LOVE how Aria`s mom is trying to be good with the whole Ezra thing. She`s really trying. And I love Hanna`s little haircut! But I was confused as to why she was going to see Mona. And OMG I still wanna jump into that British doctor`s pants :) What`d you guys think of the premiere?

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