Pretty Little Liars Mid Season Final!

4 years ago

Halloo there!
Okay so i have watched Allison`s review video and she pretty much spoke my mind so sorry if i repeat anything she says, but if you don`t subscribe to her- you should!
Anyway so overall it was an epic finale! I am a massive fan of PLL however i have been starting to loose a little interest as the overall concept is getting a little old for me and the fact that they are not getting anywhere is just starting to get boring but this literally sucked me straight back in. First off; Nate/Landon not being Mia`s real cousin, at first i never expected it but with the episode before and i just feel like the show has been hinting that there is something not right about him, I think that Paige being part of the A team would be a bit too obvious so yeah that was a good twist though i think. At the beginning i automatically thought that Caleb was dead - which i am so glad he is not! I think he will survive being shot, however who shot him? Because it couldn`t have been Nate/Landon because the shot was on his front and emily would have seen him and he was shot! Obviously - the big one. TOBY PART OF THE A-TEAM!? I have to agree with the video on this one i think that he is a `double agent` and even thought the clues like his tattoo and Garet telling Spencer that "Someone close to her has her fooled" in jail i honestly think that he is pretending to the members of the A-team and is really there to find out whats going on, because like Allison said in her video he told spencer that he was going to find out for himself!
It was an epiccc episode and i actually CAN NOT WAIT till the season continues!!

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