Pretty Little liars : A team?

I believe that the A- team consists of
And mona.
I believe this because Paige and Ali HATED eachother and in the last episode paige had the other earring that was in Ali`s grave, she has very angry behavior and during the end we see a lot of throwing things and being mad, which paige kicked ali on her back and DROWNED Emily.

Hanna Is a suspect because what if her and Caleb are throwing a huge scene? How could`ve A accessed Hanna`s house? Then only thing bad thats happened to hanna is loosing caleb and being a suspect for the murder of ali, which she didnt even get involved in it oh and being trapped in the kahn`s cabin, which they got out of.

Caleb is really good with technology. the girls have been hacked on there computers plenty of times, plus he and Hanna are really attracted to eachother. Spencer got a snake in her room, which i think was venemous, i dont know. but later that night caleb pops out of the dressing room with Hanna.. what if he was in with spencer too?:/

Ezra is really fishy, he has hid alot of secrets and remember when ali`s brother was going to pay 50 grand for whoever knew what migt happened to Ali? When aria was going through ezra`s things she found 50 grand, which might of just been something to pump up the energy of the audience.

I believe aria is linked to mona as shown up there. and when no one went to visit mona aria did, alone. they might of set up Hanna if she isnt on the a team.

Courtney is in the book as her twin. Episode 11 is called Single fright female. There was a movie created in 1996 with the same name and it is about a girl who is so obsessed with her roommate that she actually kills her and steals her identity. Sounds a little like Ali and Courtney, right?

Mona is A! But in episode 7 mona takes the tweezers that HANNA gave her and unlocks another room using those tweezers. if those tweezers can unlock that door then who knows if she can get out of the whole entire building. sounds alot like hanna and mona are teamed up on this.

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