Pretty Little Liars

5 years ago

Alison Delaurentis, the perfect and manipulative queen bee of Rosewood Day rules the school with her four best friends, Aria, an artsy kooky, independent girl, Emily, a die-hard swimmer and who is fiercely protective of Alison, Hanna, who is desperate to be perfect and popular at all costs, and Spencer, an ambitious A+ student, the only one of the group ever to stand up to Alison. When their best friend and leader disappeared at the night of their 7th grade sleepover, the girls are devastated but also secretly relieved to be rid of the girl who uncannily discovered all their darkest secrets.
Three years later, the group of friends have grown apart. Aria has returned from her two year trip to Iceland, Hanna has totally transformed and is now the most popular girl in school along with the former geek Mona Vanderwall, Emily is going for a swimming scholarship, and Spencer has become ultra-competitive with her flawless sister Melissa.
Later in the story Alisons body is found, and as horrified as the girls are, they think that their secrets are finally safe. Soon after, they begin to receive messages from a mysterious person known as A. The threats turn to blackmail as A brings out all their brutal memories and dirty secrets.

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