Preserving Prom Corsages

5 years ago

Prom was two weeks ago for me, and I had a really fun time! I made sure to keep everything that I could to immortalize everything from that night, since I`m highly sentimental. I kept my ticket, invitation, a few flower petals from the flowers my boyfriend gave me when he asked me to go with him, professional pictures, and of course, my corsage. I looked into a few methods of preserving flowers. The easiest, cheapest, and most convenient turns out to be just hanging them upside down. This allows the moisture of the flowers to drip down in microscopic amounts and prevent the flower from becoming moldy. I looped thin, straight objects through the ribbon loops at the base of the corsage, and hung it from the racks in my closet. I used Magnetix pieces strung together and a wrapped candy cane (LOL resourceful, huh?). Make sure to do this in a cool and dry place, preferably one where it won`t be disturbed too often. I rarely access that part of my closet, so I haven`t accidentally bumped it or anything. Since the petals are going to be dry and fragile, you want to stay away from them so you don`t damage them. After a few weeks, when the flowers are completely dry (all the petals are approximately the same color and have the same wrinkled look), take a can of aerosol hairspray, and spray the petals from foot or two away. Each can of hairspray is different in their gust strength, so hold it far away enough so that the force of the spray won`t blow off the extremely thin and fragile petals. I`m planning to store my corsage in a small wooden chest with a soft velvet bottom. I`ve also seen instances where people lined the bottom of their container with tissue paper. Whatever you choose to use, make sure it`s soft, so the weight of the corsage won`t crush its own underside! (However, I wouldn`t recommend using the shredded up pieces of plastic or paper or whatever came with your corsage in the first place. This can easily get caught between the flowers or petals, and removing them from the dry flowers can loosen the petals.) Picture 1: young and fresh, right out of the box! Picture 2: after prom, eight hours after the previous photo. Picture 3: two weeks after prom. It`s still not completely dry yet, especially near the centers. More preservation methods can be found! Have fun!
Pictures are mine! Please don`t use without explicit my permission.

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