Preppify Your Life! Well, your wardrobe at least! A Few Timeless Tips!

4 years ago

Hey Luuuxers!! I would like to post something that will broaden the knowledge of all fashion gurus out there. A preppy lifestyle and wardrobe is something that many people make an attempt to have, but don`t often succeed. I am known for my preppiness and along with that goes my preppy wardrobe. My closet is stocked with pastels, Lilly prints and cute sundresses. Also in my possession quite frequently are adorable vintage pieces that I find at my local consignment shops and thrift stores! This post will contain a few little tips of preppifying YOUR wardrobe and how you can look a little bit more...preppy!

*PASTELS. You may think that they`re only really in for spring and summer, and don`t get me wrong, I wear them the most in spring and summer, but pastels are an all-year round color choice.

*Keep it simple. Stay away from distracting clothing choices!

*HOWEVER, if you haven`t heard of Lilly Pulitzer, you have not even yet started your journey on becoming a true prep. Patterns are GREAT for prepsters! Plaid is infamous, but Lilly is timeless. Amazing.

*Every lady should own a nice set of pearls. And I mean that. Pearl studs, a bracelet, and a necklace are MUSTS. I cannot stress that enough. They can pull together absolutely any outfit and make you look dressy when really, you aren`t even trying!

*Keep it clean. Yes people, that means exactly what it looks like. Shower daily, wear deodorant, keep moisturized and shave. Keep your makeup simple. Keep your nails clean and neat. Brush your hair. I know these sound simple, but it`s the simple things that people tend to skip.

*Another thing people tend to skip are the DETAILS. Pay attention to them! They can really make or break an outfit.

*Top-Siders, Jack Rogers and ballet flats. Ladies, these are all essential shoes to own. A bit more on the expensive side, Jack Rogers are classic sandals that can be worn with any outfit! Sperry Top-Siders will go great with your school uniform (if you have one) and are also versatile for the winter. Ballet flats are great casual and dressy shoes that can be worn all year round and are super comfy. Also on the list of essential shoes are a pair of beige pumps. These are fashion staples anyway, but I emphasize this for prepsters because they will go with all of those pastels and prints that you`re wearing!

Alrightie! That`s all I can think of for now, but if you want something a bit more in depth, comment below! Happy prepping! xoxo Dara

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