Pregnancy update: 30 weeks

5 years ago

Yes you read it right, I`m allready 30 weeks pregnant! When i first found out i was thrilled, but also scared. It wasn`t planned and me and my boyfriend are still living at our parents because he`s in his final test for becoming a marine. But when we found out, be bought a big flat in the building my dad owns. Luckely i prepared allot of things when he wasn`t home because now i really can`t do anything . I`m still busy decorating the place but everything else has to wait for my dad to come help this weekend.

But since i`m allready this far i wanted to do a pregnancy update, since i read we are with a few pregnant here on luuux! The sweet Nicole Mercedes is even almost to her due date! So thrilled to hear the full story!

Ever since i knew i was having a baby girl i told myself to enjoy every day en to keep every day in my memory. But now i`m getting so close to my due date.. it feels like it was only a few weeks.. i can`t wait untill i can drop all of the weight, and i`ll be happy with a day without backpain.

I just got my ultrasound and everything is just fine with the baby. But the doctor did tell me that i won`t make it to my due date. My belly is growing like a crazy and the baby is allready pretty much ready. For some reason i`m scared about losing my belly, it`s really something i`ll miss!

I`m not looking forward getting into labor and going to the hospital, i`m pretty scared about that part. I absolutely hate hospitals!

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