Pre-Vacation Dollarama Haul!

1 year ago

Hey Luuuxers,

I went to Dollarama before I was travelling, looking for some small zip make-up bags for my trip this summer and I ended up with a lot more.

I have a few make-up bags I recently bought from Forever 21, but I was looking for plastic type bags that are big enough for shampoo and stuff, and would be good at preventing spilling in case they break during travel. I found this perfect bag that is actually a set of 3. They are made of a vinyl type material that will be perfect! The largest size is clear and can easily hold my shampoo and conditioner while the medium, animal print one will hold some of my hair products. And I`m sure I will find a way to use the smallest bag too.

I also ended up getting a nail block. My nails have been in rough shape lately- both literally and figuratively. This nail block will help smooth the rough surface and make them more even and pretty.

I also picked up a few products including some lip balms. I bought a twin pack of Aqaufina lip balms to take on my trip with me. I also spotted that they had the Maybelline BabyLips electro in the lime scent so I decided to try it out. The BabyLips products are pretty good and really popular, and I know that the green doesn`t show up on the lips so it was an impulse buy considering I had just put the Aqaufina pack in my basket lol.

Besides the lip care items, I also ended up checking out the hair care section. Dollarama can be a great place to pick up some brand name haircare products for cheap!

For a while, I was married to the Garnier Miracle Oil spray which has since been discontinued. I do still have 1 or 2 bottles stocked up from trips to Dollarama, but I can no longer find it even there. But I have tried the Marvelous Oil and it also does a great job for my hair. This product comes with a pump, and I tried it out on a whim during a Walmart haul to see if it stacked up to my Miracle Oil. I have to say, it does pretty comparable job to the Miracle Oil and is easier to work with since the thicker formula allows for better distribution in the hair. When I first bought this at Walmart, it was around 6 dollars, so for only 3 bucks, I picked up two. One will come with me on my trip, and the other is backup.

And lastly, I also ended up purchasing a bottle of Garnier Curl Sculpt cream and gel hybrid. I usually use curl cream, and I stopped using gels back in Uni since I felt they made my hair crunchy. But a hair dresser recently suggested that I try out a hybrid cream gel since they generally don`t have that crunchy feeling and offer better defined curls. So when I saw this for 3 dollars, I thought it was a good opportunity to try it out - hopefully it works well for me!

I love going to Dollarama - they always have great and affordable options for beauty and just about anything else! :)


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