Pre-Halloween party outfit.

Hiya luuuxers;

As you all know, halloween landed on a wednesday this year, and here they threw a party on the saturday before halloween and on actual halloween, so i had to come up with two outfits. Because i didnt know i was actually going to the saturday party i had to come up with something with the things i had at home.

I went through quite a few youtube tutorials and came across this one which i thought looked amazing.

What you need;

Liquid latex
Fake blood
Red and black makeup
And your usual makeup

What i did:

First apply liquid latex all over the places where the zipper is going to be stuck on, then tilt ur head back and put the zipper on and keep your head tilted back until it has finished drying. (to make that process go faster you can use a hair dryer) Once it has dryed you can paint all the neck part red with your red paint, get your black paint and put some on the inside of the zipper to add depth (i didnt do that because i didnt have black paint but it gives it a much better effect) then grab the fake blood and just put it anywhere u think its necesarry, i used a lot and also tipped a bit down my shirt to make it look real. Now for the eyes it pretty much depends on the look ur going for, i did my eyes not too bad just because my neck was bad enough haha, so i just did some exagerated eyeliner and i was done!

And for the hair, i just teased it and added hairspray and off i went!

What do you think about this halloween costume?

*Image belongs to me.

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