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So the other day there wasn`t anything in the house to eat for dinner so I suggested to my mum that we go to this little noodle asian shop, like noodle canteen, and then we can also go shopping for food while we wait. So that`s what we did.. Only because I offered to pay for everything haha!

I`m sorry for people who would have liked to see what we had for dinner but I don`t really think that would be that interesting.. Well for the people who are interested I got the beef in black bean sauce and my mum got the sweet chilli (I think).. They were both pretty good, the first time I had both. But I still like my mongolian better, nothing will beat that :D :P

Whenever we go there we always buy a bag of prawn crackers for only $2 which is pretty damn cheap! And when I say a bag I mean a large bad full! You get heaps... But they actually really don`t last long... Or is it just because my mum and I love these a lot!?

I miss these.. When my dad use to live with us I always went to Springvale with him and got really awshum yummy Filipino and asian food, including prawn crackers. He use to cook the all the time...
They are pretty easy and i`m pretty sure pretty cheap to buy aswel. All you do is fry them. In the packet they are these really thing small round things lol but they grown really big once you fry them..

.. When I was a kid I really loved placing them in my mouth and hear the cracking and popping. And I loved how the just stuck onto your tongue, haha. I still love doing this buy it doesn`t work aswel because the ones we buy at the noodle shop aren`t as fresh.
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