Praia Del Rey, Óbidos, Portugal

4 years ago

Hi cuty pies!!!

A couple of years ago I spent my vacations in my country, but I went to Óbidos. I showed you Óbidos before, but I didn`t show you where I stayed in my hollidays. Hope you enjoy and visit this lovely place!!

Praia Del Rey Golf and Beach Resort is the complete name of this amazing place in Óbidos. I stayed in a really nice two story house (you can see in the photos, they are mine BTW). Praya Del Rey has several little villages. In each village you have a certain number of houses. In our village alone we had three pools, one of them was really near to the house. We had a blast in our vacation. The only part that I didn`t like was the night, because we couldn`t go to the backyard, there were too many bugs :P

I love the time I spent there. Coincidently, a friend of mine went there for her vacation too, so it was even better!

Did you like the place? I totally recomend this place!

Kisses and chocolates
Rita *

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