Prada Matte Black Glasses

3 years ago

Glasses gave become such a staple in fashion these days. I remember when it was considered nerdy to have glasses and that was a bad thing. These days if you have the right glasses, you`re not nerdy, you`re a hipster. Oh how times have changed.

Recently I got new glasses after a long two years. I don`t change my glasses very often for two reasons, my insurance only allows me to get new glasses once every two years. And second, my eye sight luckily doesn`t change drastically enough for the doctor to recommend getting new glasses. So this time I figured I`d spoil myself and get some fancy glasses.

I picked up the Prada PR07PV. They`re bigger frames that is matte black. I believe these might be men`s or unisex glasses. But I don`t think it really matters since for the most part you can`t tell anyway. I think the matte black makes them unique. It`s not something you see everyday which I like a lot. They`re pretty comfy. I do have a few things I don`t like about these glasses though. The nose pad area was not invented in accounts for Asian noses. So they slide off my face and is constantly touching my face. Another thing is I think because the plastic is matte, it doesn`t hold its shape as well. I noticed that the shape of the frame looks different once I have lenses out in because whoever made the lenses didn`t do it correctly, therefore warping the plastic a little.

What are your favorite glasses shapes?

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