Practice Safe Breath with Dentyne Split2Fit

<strong>Hasn`t your momma every told you to practice safe breath?

<em>If not, well I`m telling you that you can do it right now as easily as logging on to luuux. :)</em>

PRACTICE SAFE BREATH with Dentyne Ice Split2Fit!</strong>

BzzAgent sent me (2) 3 packs of the new Split2Fit Dentyne Ice. There were 3 different flavors.
<em> Peppermint
Artic Chill </em>

I`m not a huge fan of <strong>Peppermint</strong> gum. I found this too strong, in my opinion. My mom likes peppermint gum and she couldn`t handle this.
Now for the <strong>Spearmint</strong>, I can`t get enough of it. I think this a flavor I will definitely buy. I`m 2 pieces of gum as we speak.
<strong>Artic Chill</strong> is a flavor that I could live with. Its my 2nd kind of favorite gum.

I was excited to join this campaign because I don`t usually buy any gum. I should of known better than to flaunt gum around the house and show my mom the campaign that I signed up for.
You know how people can be with gum. They act like its the holy grail and that they got to have it.
So of course, my dad overheard and guess who was going through my package when I turned my back to it. MY FATHER.
Of course, I gave him a pack of the peppermint. I also gave the other pack of peppermint and half of an Artic chill pack to my brother.
<em>They told me that the gum left their breath smell refreshing.</em>

I have one pack of Artic Chill left. :)

I also love that it comes with <strong>16</strong> pieces of gum now. MORE GUMMM!

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