PowerBar Energy Blasts

4 years ago

Have any of you ever had any of these before?
These are energy chews for when you have a long workout and need quick fuel. I used to eat these on my long runs, but ever since getting injured, my milage has been really low and I don`t really need these. That doesn`t mean I don`t crave them anymore lol. Anyways, today I did a crazy kinda low impact workout and decided that I wanted a pouch of these after. These little things are so good!!
The taste of these remind me of a gummy candy with a fruity flavor in the center. Each pouch has about 6 or 8 of these little chews and the entire thing provides 45g of carbs, 60mb of sodium, and 3g of protien. Some of these chews contain caffine, but I try to stay away from them since I already get enough caffine in the morning lol. These chews in my opinion make the perfect energy boost for a long run. They are easy to eat on the run and give you an ommph of energy to keep going. The only thing I do have to dislike is the price. They cost about 1.29 per small pouch =0 ..... I could by gummy bears and use those as my energy for a cheaper alternative, but these are much better.. lol. I can`t wait till I get to actually eat these on the run again!!

Have you tried these before?
What is your favorite workout snack?

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