Powder Ginger Chicken

4 years ago

This is powder ginger chicken. Sorry, I don`t know the exact name for this dish. I bought this dish at chinatown for $13.25 or so and they give you some ginger and ginger dip with it and I always ask them for 2 cause my family loves that dish so much. This chicken is marinated with the powder ginger and then steamed. I`ve tried doing this at home and it tastes good too but it doesn`t taste exactly the same as the store bought ones. I have no idea wht else they add to it. If any of you know, can you please comment below. I just hope it`s not MSG. There are many different kinds of steamed chicken out there but this is my favorite kind. I find the others too bland for my taste. This one tastes good with or without the ginger and green onion dip. And it`s cheaper too instead of buying a raw chicken and making it yourself. It saves time and money. But the place I`ve been buying it have been raising their prices but alot of places have been doing that lately. Oh, I`ll try to find out the exact name for this type of chicken as soon as I find out the name for this. Have you tried this kind of chicken before?

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