Potato Chip Cookies.... Say whaaaat?

4 years ago

Hey everyone!
haha so my grandma and I decided to try out a new recipe today- one that her friend had given her. Apparently she tried them and they were delicious, so my grandma was trying to recreate them. What are they exactly? <strong>Potato Chip Cookies.</strong>

Huh? weird right? I don`t know about you, but the sound of that does not sound very good! lol. Let me tell you though, my grandmas rendition was actually SO GOOD. I`m not even sure how haha! I took my first bite seriously thinking it would taste awful, but boy was I wrong.

The cookies have broken up potato chips, chocolate chips, and little hunks of toffee inside of them. Other than that, it was just a basic cookie recipe. You can`t even taste the chips! They just give the cookies a bit of a different texture, and add a bit of savoriness to the sweetness.

<em>Have you ever heard of potato chip cookies? Would you ever be willing to try them?</em>

*pic are mine, don`t steal!

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