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I am here today for sharing my sadness with Luuux. Yesterday, and I didnt no why, my posts have been removed! You may say that I didnt read the guidelines that define the site. I have read them over and over, and I still dont understand why they removed 7 of my posts, and all of them were the newest, in arrow, post.

Some of you can ask me if my posts are similar, but I guarantee they arent. The removed posts were about personal opinions about books, thinks I loved, like clothes and creative things, in portuguese and in english.

When that happened yesterday I send right away an e-mail to Luuux support, but at the moment no response at all.

Please Luuuxers, help me!

- It is possible recover my lost luuux $?
- Luuux support usually responds the e-mails?
- Is it normal to remove just the newest posts that I write, some of them in the same day that I have post them?

I would like to have your opinion about that subject.

I am very disappointing... =(

Best regards,

Mafalda B.

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