Possible Offensive, Continue with Care!!

4 years ago

Hi :) So, I figure you`re wondering why the title is what it is. Well, it`s that way because most people don`t seem to understand eating disorders. I`m here to explain it.
Society is blamed for a lot of it, all the pretty girls in magazines and the models and stuff. But most of these diseases come from home. Mom and Dad didn`t think you were good enough. You were too fat to be pretty, too chubby to make the squad. How do I know this? Because I am a recovering bulimic. I`ve been called fat, ugly, worthless and a plethora of other nasty names since I was around 4. I was a chubby kid. What kid isn`t chubby at that age, right?
What people don`t seem to understand is it isn`t really a conscious choice. We don`t wake up one day and think "hey, I wanna be 45 pounds and look like a starved child." No. We do what we do from years of abuse. Whether it be mental, physical, verbal or all of the above. It`s not okay to turn to this.
Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge...they all mess your body up so bad, and some if not most of the side effects are permanent. Like me, 6 years of forcing my fingers down my throat led to the acid in the bile to burn away at my esophagus. I`ll forever have to deal with bad breath because of this. My stomach is around the size of a dime because of it. Believe me, if I could take it back I would.
And the worst part is. Once they start, they`re almost impossible to stop. I`ve been clean since I met my current boyfriend, but since we`ve been fighting so much, my body has picked its old habits back up.
These things are nothing to joke about. If you have or know of anyone who has or may seem to have an eating disorder, don`t tell them to man up. Don`t tease them or tell them their life isn`t that bad. Tell them that everything will be okay. That you`re there for them no matter what. Because for all you know, that could be what saves their lives.
Another thing, last one. Girls aren`t the only one with eating disorders. Boys have them too. Boys can be just as insecure with their body`s as girls are. So don`t tease a guy about it either.
I had to rant about something .-.

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