Possible New Years Shoe? Christian Louboutin Tres Decollete Glitter Shoes

Another Shoe Post - I`m so happy to hear from so many of my subscribers that also love shoes & Christian Louboutins! I usually feel like I don`t have many people in my real life that are as into shoes as me >_<

Anyways - So these are going to be a definite HIT OR MISS for most ppl due to how lowwww cut this shoe is. As the name of the shoe would suggest - a LOT of toe cleavage (I notice a lot of younger ladies or ladies that aren`t into designer shoes hate toe cleavage. I can`t say I love it but it doesn`t gross me out on my own feet (although there are some ppl out there that should refrain from wearing those O_O I have seen many a celebrity pic where its...lets put it this way - I lotion my feet every night now LOL) Needless to say toe cleavage isnt something I look for or want in a shoe but I don`t typically hate a shoe if it has it but it still looks good on. Most Christian Louboutins do have a bit of toe cleavage.

These come in 3 colors (they have been made in the past without the glitter as well and are considered part of their classic collection) Electric Blue, Light Pink and Anthracite. I personally favor the Pink or Silver and think these would be a great New Years shoe but its one I would def. need to see/try on. It is SUPER LOW CUT so it could be scary looking lol. I have seen only 3 pics of a Tres Decollete and 2 I liked, 1 I didn`t so that leaves me on the fence. Diana Agron from Glee wore them for a photoshoot (a pair of nude ones with little white ankle socks - too cute!), of course Blake Lively has been seen in a pair (is there any pair she doesn`t have?!?! srsly) at Comicon and they looked nice on her - didnt look like too much toe cleavage BUT the one that puts me on the fence...I saw a pic posted of these and the ENTIRE joint of her second toe looked like it was going to pop out of the shoe! I was slightly horrified lol. So now - idk. My friend said maybe she just had really long toes etc. but still...its risky. lol. These are sold out currently in my size anyway so - not an issue but they did strike my interest so I wanted to share them with you all.

I think they would be decently durable with the glitter actually. Since its not a smooth surface I feel like if one were to get messed up you may not notice and even if it looks like an easy possibly at home fix.

I do however think its more than I would want to pay for a glittery shoe (although not a bad price for a Louboutin)

I wish there were more real life pictures posted (vs. stock photos) or that I could see these in person to get a better idea.

The fit suggestion on the Louboutin site says True To Size.

What are your ideal New Years shoes?

Source link: http://us.christianlouboutin.com/us_en/shop/women/tres-decollete-1.html

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