Possible new Universe?

4 years ago

I think a good universe to see on LUUUX is Lifestyle, because I see a lot of posts that belong in that category but get booted to Community because they don`t fit in well with the other universes.

One thing I really want to post about is personal finance because I believe it`s beneficial for everyone, especially students or recent graduates, who do make up a good chunk of the site.

I`m on LUUUX because:
1. I talk a lot
2. It`s a way to earn nice things for sharing opinions and blogging.

Like most recent graduates, I have to balance my money between buying my "needs and wants" as well as boosting my savings account and paying off student debt (which I`m thankful to not have accumulated because I`ve always worked).

The way I see it, LUUUX is a way for me to save money. By purchasing my "wants" with LUUUX points, in return, I have more money to put into my savings account which works towards future mortgages or retirement funds. And I do spend a good amount of time (around 1.5-2 hrs) on this site. And I also work 40-50 hrs a week full-time.

I have a lot of helpful information for people to save money and buying things they want and earning money, however, this doesn`t really fit into any universe.

That`s my two cents.

What do you guys think?


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