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4 years ago

Im sure a lot of you have seen <strong>Deborah Lippmanns</strong> newer polish in <strong>Mermaids Dream.</strong> I have been wanting that polish for a while now. I first saw it at Nordstrom at The Grove in Los Angeles and passed it up because I couldn`t get myself to pay $18 for a polish.

I kept thinking about the polish and thats when I knew I HAD to have it. Normally if I walk away from something, ill forget about it and that shows me that I really didn`t want it. Well that wasn`t the case with this polish. I wanted it! Finally when I went out to buy it, it was sold out everywhere, I even ordered it at Nordstrom and they canceled my order because they couldn`t get it. I could have ordered it through other places, but I didn`t want to pay shipping.

I went to Las Vegas this weekend and taaaddaaa they had it at the Nordstrom at Fashion Show Mall. I didn`t hesitate to get it, it was mine! Score! I also picked up a couple more polishes since Nordstrom was doing their buy two get one free promo, I`ll post my haul later so you can see the other lovelies I got.

Now back to what this post really is about. I went to the Miracle Mile Shops in Vegas and there was an Urban Outfitters. I had seen on Instagram that Urban had made a dupe for the polish and like the DL one, I had been on the hunt for it. Well guess what?? <strong>Urban Outfitters</strong> had it! The name of this one is <strong>Sea Dust</strong>. You bet your butt I bought it.

I have to say, they are pretty spot on. They are both .50 fl oz. A MAJOR difference between these two are the prices. Deborah Lippmanns Mermaid Dream is $18 and Urban Outfitters Sea Dust is $5 or two for $8. In the bottle the UO one looks a tad darker then the DL one, but once its on your nails, they look pretty much identical.

Another thing I noticed different was the application, the UO was a little more difficult to manage the glitter on the first coat, you kind of had to move around the larger teal glitter. Once you added the second coat though, it was good. The DL one the glitter would spread out evenly, no need to mess with it.

Lastly, the DL one is more of a foil finish and you see larger gold glitter when you look up close. The UO one is more of a glitter finish and not so noticeable gold glitter. You have to look up close to notice the difference.

Can you tell which fingers has which one in my pictures? Go back and look at the picture....guess.

Give up? My pointer and ring finger have the Urban Outfitters one and my middle finger and pinky have the Deborah Lippmann one.

Do I think this is a dupe? Heck yes! Even if it wasn`t as dead on as it is, shoot, ill squint and make it look the same, for that $14 difference in price. Only if you look at it closely will you notice the difference. I hope Nordstrom is good with their return policy because I plan on exchanging this for a different polish.

Have you picked up any of these polishes?
Would you return the DL one after finding the UO one?
What dupes have you recently found?

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