Poshmark great app !

Hello guys !
It`s very very late and i should sleep but... I found that really awesome app ! Unfortunately it`s only for US i mean you could have account there just like me if you are from Europe, Africa etc but you can`t buy anything.. So it`s kinda sucks. Everything is always for US only :( just like all that stores with second hand designers bags. They are all in US i don`t understand why. But back to the app, this is something like ebay but with designer things from very famous designers. You all know that i love LV and wow i saw few very interesting bags there in amaizing prices ! So if you want to buy some gorgeous bag/shoes/clothes check this ! And especially if you are from US. You could always trade, sell your old clothes and comment things that you like. And all that you need is only an account. But you will make it in about 15 seconds. I am in love with one bag from this app, price is awesome but i will need to pay taxes and things like that so it would be much more expensive :-( i am thinking what could i do to don`t pay them. I was wondering that maby i could say that it was a gift. I don`t know. But this app is really amaizing with looots of beautiful and designer things. So if you don`t have it go to app store ! Only - is that you can`t search items by countries. I only see there people from US nobody is from Europe ;-( They could also add the price limit, designer, size and things like that. It would be much easier to find something ;-)

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Source link: http://www.poshmark.com/

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