Portuguese initiative aims to change the button quotLikequot on Facebook

A well-known national brand of beer is challenging Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, to change the button `Taste`. The online petition already has more than 8500 participants.

"Change the button like" is the name of an initiative that aims to bring new life to the button "Like" the largest social network in the world. In a promotional video where he explained the petition, speech, for example the lack of passion and intensity that the button "I like `broadcasts. There are many situations where users like to do more than `Like`, showing different levels of enthusiasm in different situations.

According to the petition campaign "is like doing the most basic way to give positive feedback and is one-dimensional." "If the wedding photo of my best friend is super, because I have to say `I love` as `taste` of the photograph of the setting sun on the beach?", The question is the company behind the initiative.

If the petition is accepted by Mark Zuckerberg, the button `Like` cease to exist and give rise to three distinct buttons: the `Good`, the `Great` and `Super`. Translated give anything as `Good`, `Very good` and `Super`. There is a Facebook page which you can do I like (great irony huh?) Or you can visit the official website of the initiative and join the petition. The Portuguese beer brand is trying to make this is the largest petition ever came from the founder of Facebook. Hence, the promotional video is in English, that can quickly spread virally across the Internet and can garner support from other users of the largest social network, in addition to Portuguese.

The petition began on April 3, and within two weeks I got the digital signature of nearly nine thousand users. The 5 To Midnight, entertainment program of RTP had already joined the initiative and thus gives greater visibility to the Portuguese campaign.

On the page "like the Change button" is still possible to leave the e-mail address to receive news about the initiative. And the reader, like the alternative to the button "Like"?

Source link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiYabaMZps8&feature=player_embedded

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