Portugal - Legend of St. Martinho (November 11)

4 years ago

In North America, the 11th of November is Rememberance Day.

In Portugal, it`s Dia de São Martinho. We usually celebrate it by eating chestnuts and tasting the new wine, but there is a miracle attached to this day ...

Here`s the legend ...

St. Martinho was a roman soldier that was going home from his battles. It was winter ... it was miserably cold and rainy and windy. He was dressed warmly, but the old man he found on the side of the road was not. St. Martinho felt sorry for the old man and decided to take his cape and cut it in half. He gave that half to the old man and continued on his way home. Shortly after, it stopped raining, the sky cleared and the temperature rose.

Every year, more or less about this time, something really cool happens ... the weather gets better for a few days. Our typical fall weather (rain, cold, wind), takes a break and, just for a few days, we get sunny, warm weather. Cool, huh?

We call it St. Martinho`s summer.

Image is from source link below.

Source link: http://educacaodeinfancia.com/lenda-de-s-martinho/

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