Portion of Nail Polish Collection

4 years ago

I am in the process of trying to get my polishes all in one area and organized in a way that I am happy with. Previously I had some of my polishes in a corner unit with shelves and others in a little turning shelf holder...and then even still some of them were homeless. When the holidays rolled around last year I moved the corner unit to make room for the Christmas tree and decorations and the polishes had to come out in order for it to be moved. EVER SINCE THEN they have been in boxes. Yup. And it drives me nuts. I hate it. What is even worse is that some of them were upstairs in my crafting room and then some of them were downstairs in the turning display piece and on my nail supply shelf. It has been something of a nightmare having polishes all over the place. i decided today that I was going to take everything up and put it in the crafting room. I haven`t yet figured out the shelving system but at least they`re going to be in the same room.

It isn`t until a good portion of your polishes are together that you start to realize there MIGHT be a problem... lol! This isn`t even all of them. I have something I refer to as the Polish Graveyard. That is full of polishes that I don`t use very often at all and are pretty near to being ancient.... Those aren`t in these sets of photos. I have`t moved them yet. LOL!

My stash isn`t nearly as large as some peoples... yet some people will look at this and think "Why in the world would one person have that many nail polishes." To each their own, right?

My hope is that I will be able to make space in the crafting room for my nail polishes and all my nail supplies to be together in a lovely, easy on the eyes, display...or more organized than it is at the current moment. For the time being I need to get more boxes to put the polish in. I need to figure out a system of shelves and don`t have that figured out yet.... but don`t want them laying on the floor all over the place. I am considering polish racks but the problem with that is that I will need quite a few to hold everything and they`re not cheap. ::shrug:: What is a girl to do?


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