Hey guys! This post is LONG overdue since I received this as a christmas present. But I kept forgetting to use it until last week when I finally decided to give it a try. When my mom and I first saw this in Kohl`s we were shocked. I`ve never seen or even heard of a portable nail dryer but I thought it was such a good idea. There is so many times when I do my nails at home and immediately smudge them because i have no way to dry them or when I have to leave the nail salon in a rush and don`t have any way to properly dry them. Well, this is where this could come in handy. So, my mom purchased it for me as a christmas present since I thought it would be so handy. When I finally did my nails last week and remembered to use it, I was so excited to see how it worked. Of coarse it isn`t like UV drying like the ones in the salon, it`s just oxygen obviously, it was actually pretty cool. You just put your hand in it (or foot i guess lol) and press down on the bottom which is a huge button and you`ll be dry in no time! It doesn`t dry it like in seconds or anything and since you have to constantly press down instead of there just being a switch, it feels like longer then it is actually taking. However, it is faster then air drying and you don`t have to worry about messing it up! It is called a Totes Portable Nail Dryer and as I mentioned earlier, I got it at Kohls. Since, i purchased this so long ago, I honestly don`t remember the price. But it was pretty reasonable, I think it was somwhere in between $10-$15 and if you use it enough then it is definitely worth the price. Although there are some cons to the portable nail dryer, I think it is super handy and comes to good use a lot. This is actually out of stock in Kohls, they don`t sell it anymore. However if you are interested in buying one just look up `totes portable nail dryer` on google and click on an amazon or ebay link and there is some for sale! Thank you for reading, what do you think about this portable nail dryer??

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